Forestry industry reform action plan will be introduced

April 11, 2017 0 Comments

By deepening the reform of forestry, the development of green and rich industries, a win-win campaign of ecological and forestry industry is about to begin. January 7th, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of the city, Xining forestry reform to speed up the development of forestry industry action plan will soon be introduced. As the capital city of Xining, a location richly endowed by nature superiority in the development of forestry industry, relying on Xining and the province’s tourism market on the one hand, can fully exploit the forest tourism resources, forest tourism industry bigger and stronger, the forest tourism has become an important part of the city’s tourism resources. On the other hand can make use of the market, scientific research, talent and deep processing advantages in forestry industry production, processing, circulation and sales, play the regional advantages of Xining forestry industry, revitalize the resources, enhance the level of development of forestry industry. But from the current point of view, the overall level of our city forestry industry development is lagging behind, in addition to seedling industry has a certain scale, which belongs to the stage of forest tourism promotion, forest cultivation, forest farming and forest products processing industry is still in the initial stage, has not formed the industry scale. To accelerate the reform of forestry industry to accelerate the development of forestry, the city plans to use 3 years to complete the relevant reform. The main contents of this paper include: Deepening the reform of collective forest right system, on the basis of consolidating the results of the reform of collective forest rights, and actively cultivating the new type of rural forestry management subjects, promoting the collective forest rights transfer. To explore and promote the forest resource assets, the market, the main is to revitalize the state-owned forest resources assets, through the reform of state owned forest resources to achieve to the assets and capital transfer, establish the evaluation system of forest resources and forest resources assets management system, establish and perfect the management system of forestry industry, and cultivate the modern forestry industry market system. Cultivation of forestry leading industry, the use of the city’s forest landscape resources, accelerate the development of forest tourism industry, based on the existing seedling industry, strengthen seedling industry, support leading enterprises, do fine products processing and challenge the development of forest products industry. At the same time, increase financial support, the establishment of forestry industry investment and financing policy, with good use of private capital.  

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