Xining City the tax rate of clean government cultural activities kicked off

April 8, 2017 0 Comments

7 4, 2009, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Taxation and the western mining Limited by Share Ltd jointly organized the "tax enterprise honest culture month" kicked off. The culture is an important part of the Xining City National Tax System "fourth tax culture" activities, the provincial civilization office, the Provincial State Taxation Bureau, the municipal government, the NPC and CPPCC, Municipal Committee of civilization, municipal organs, IRS, western mining company leadership system and 300 Western Mining Bureau number of cadres and workers to participate in the opening ceremony.

activities around the "celebrate the Olympic Games · everyone to participate in physical and mental pleasure · · · display image; build a harmonious national culture theme, style rich and colorful as the carrier, fully demonstrated the Xining tax cadres new spirit, shaping a new image of the cadres in the new period. The activities to further promote the city’s tax system, the formation of long-term plateau tax culture, highlighting the people of Xining tax, the tax A fighting spirit soars aloft. unity, and the heart of social mood, improve the tax system culture, enhance the relationship between the tax rate and promote the coordinated development of the city’s tax system of political civilization, material civilization and spiritual civilization construction.

it is reported that the fine arts, calligraphy, photography exhibition exhibited 48 works of calligraphy, art works of 38, photographic works of 125. From the exhibition and award-winning works, traditional calligraphy and painting are dominant, with regular script and Chinese painting, which, mostly, and testimonies guarded, photography works are rich in content and form of the novel, the culture will be held poetry readings, the theory of knowledge competition, tax business knowledge contest, sports and arts festival.


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