Chaoyang office to carry out free family planning services

April 6, 2017 0 Comments

in order to allow more foreign users to enjoy the city people and the family planning service, this year, Seongbuk Chaoyang office to roll out the work of family planning services in the area of 10, effectively protect the basic rights of floating population.

Chaoyang office area is the northern part of the settlement of the population, has been a blind spot for family planning. Many foreign population too troublesome, or fear of delay time, always ignore the family planning examination. In order to allow them to learn more about pre pregnancy knowledge, to understand their physical condition, Chaoyang office staff will be born into the family planning services more mobile population market.

heard Chaoyang office staff to do physical examination, October 25th, Qilian Road Auto Parts City operating households were jubilant together, they do not go to the hospital you can experience the same and hospital services today. They only need to submit an application form, an ID card, after careful questioning of the staff, followed by blood tests, the whole process is only a few minutes. And in a few minutes, but they have received the meticulous care. It is understood that the floating population family planning services, mainly for the age of 20-40 years of age to do pre pregnancy guidance or pre marital medical examination, all inspection items are free.

According to the person in charge of Chaoyang office, in June of this year, the north of the city’s first community floating population family planning association established in the Beishan community in. The Beishan community area in Beishan market, Huangshui River market and northwest three electromechanical City auto parts market, is a key area of North foreign population, the area has a floating population of 1325 people. (author: Fang Xu)


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