Air pollution control in action

April 6, 2017 0 Comments

in order to improve the quality of atmospheric environment in Xining city and livable index, Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to strengthen the inspection of key sources of air pollution and dust pollution units, pay close attention to the implementation of the construction site dust pollution prevention and control measures. In order to ensure the construction site dust control in the construction process of rectification in place, in September 13th, the city’s deputy director Fan Guoqing and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau law enforcement officers who carried out the on-site inspection of the North District government, Biological Park Management Committee, Gan River Industrial Park Administrative Committee under the jurisdiction of the construction site and industrial enterprises.

on the same day, Fan Guoqing with the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau law enforcement officers to check the road hardening, gravel coverage, construction Weidang, car washing and other dust control measures are in place, and the construction site is to increase the frequency of watering dust in hot weather, and strictly control the construction site dust nuisance. As of early September, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has dispatched law enforcement personnel to carry out an inspection of a number of construction sites in our city, found the building site due to the presence of bare land without dust cover, vehicle cleaning not clean with mud on the road, not timely watering dust, not built car wash tank device and other issues, resulting in a large number of dust in construction in the process, it has a certain influence on the surrounding environment. (author: Wang Chengying)

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