Folklore experts advise people to climb civilization

April 6, 2017 0 Comments

Double Ninth Festival is the festival of the elderly, a symbol of health and longevity of the elderly, young people pray for peace and good days. This day should be peaceful, happy blessing day, should be far away from garbage, pollution and other uncivilized words. This newspaper recently published a number of articles for the uncivilized behavior of the high, but in many folk expert eyes, many old customs are climbing as Nanshan environment clogging, they agreed that the festival’s greatest pleasure is to abandon the old customs, ecological protection will be put in the first one.

climb to set off firecrackers bonfire is a misunderstanding

Jin Yude is a province of China has long been engaged in the study of local customs experts. He told reporters, now the Chung Yeung Festival is also known as the festival, on this day, people in addition to the foresight, pray for peace, one family to accompany the elderly take exercise, also became a popular "civilized, healthy and upward" view of life. But for the people in the high school slowly spontaneous evolution of the bonfire, firecrackers and other uncivilized behavior, Jin Yude does not support. He said that in the past, setting off firecrackers, a bonfire of these acts is not, people often choose to climb the temple to pray to the place, and these places are usually lush trees, fire is easy to cause fire. And set off firecrackers, after a bonfire will produce a lot of smoke and garbage, I hope the public can climb civilization.

modern people to relax and climb

Qinghai Provincial Museum of literature and history, the national first class writer for the Double Ninth Festival climbing habits also have their own unique insights. Jing Shi told reporters that the Double Ninth Festival before the customs more, but over time, the legacy of the customs are generally divided into climbing, insert incense, etc.. Now, this custom is not certainly pray for their families, but also can achieve the purpose of physical exercise, whether old or modern young people, occasionally certainly can not only relieve the stress on the body, also can let the mood be relaxed. But for the uncivilized behavior of climbing, well stone is considered very undesirable, he said, is not caused by the uncivilized custom, but personal behavior. For example, the custom of incense, this should be carried out in the temple, but many people are on the way up incense, from a certain extent caused by the security risks along the way, after all, there are many mountain vegetation, if not careful it may cause fire. And the people of the "deer horse" behavior, Ishi said that the moral of this behavior is good, but to Nanshan caused pollution.      


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