The Macao Orchestra for summer music feast

April 2, 2017 0 Comments

July 7th, the Macao Philharmonic Symphony Concert – visit to Qinghai tianyoude music nights in Qinghai grand theater.

concert kicked off in the opera "magic catapult" Overture, as the concert is the conductor of the Macao Philharmonic music director Lv Jia. The audience also listened to the performance of "the little sisters of the grassland" and "the spring of the Tianshan Mountains" by Zhang Hongyan, a contemporary Chinese Pipa performer. The concert ended with the end of the Ninth Symphony in E minor, "new world".

it is understood that the concert will be sponsored by the Chinese Cultural Association, the Qinghai Provincial Department of culture and press and publication, the Macao Special Administrative Region Government Cultural Bureau jointly organized. (author: Cai Yawen)

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