Xining health work to close to the people’s participation rate has reached 98 83%

April 2, 2017 0 Comments

 , December 22nd, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, Xining city health work this year to close to the people, to raise the level of funding for new rural cooperative medical care, so that more farmers benefit from. This year, the proportion of farmers in Xining has reached 941527 people, compared with the previous year, an increase of more than 34519 people, the participation rate has reached 98.83%, and then a new high rate of new agricultural cooperatives.

in order to allow more farmers to benefit from the new rural cooperative medical system to further solve the problem of difficult and expensive to see a doctor. In July 1st this year, Xining officially launched the new rural cooperative medical standards and improve the overall management of the city of Xining ncms. Through the adjustment and the establishment of a unified new rural cooperative medical scheme and detailed rules, it can effectively strengthen the security capacity of the new rural cooperative medical system in Xining, and improve the income level of farmers involved in the new rural cooperative medical system.

and raise the standard of financing is divided into raising the per capita funding standards, improve the family account funds, hospital medical expenses paid to improve the standard of three parts. Among them, the participation of farmers per capita funding standards increased from 54.30 yuan per capita in 2007 to $104.30.

family account fund from 2007 to 10 yuan per capita increase to $23 per capita this year, for outpatient medical expenses and health inspection costs compensation. The fund for serious illness increased from 39.50 yuan per capita in 2007 to $75 per capita, which is used for the reimbursement of hospitalization expenses and outpatient expenses of specific chronic diseases. A large amount of hospitalization expenses two subsidy fund from 2007 to 3.90 yuan per capita increased to $4.30 per person, after reimbursement, the hospital medical expenses of their own burden is still more than $3000 reimbursement.

hospital medical expenses compensation ratio from 2007 60% to 70% township hospitals, county hospitals increased from 50% to 60%, the municipal hospital was increased from 40% to 50%, the provincial hospital was increased from 30% to 40%. Inpatient medical expenses compensation cap line increased from 25 thousand yuan in 2007 to $30 thousand, poverty relief target hospital expenses compensation cap line increased from $27 thousand in 2007 to $35 thousand. At the same time, but also increased the suffering of patients with large diseases (cancer, uremia, heart disease surgery) participation in the compensation for the cost of hospitalization during the cap line 50 thousand yuan.

according to reports, this year, all levels of medical institutions in Xining City Health Bureau in the city is still the preferred screening of designated medical institutions established in 135, the new rural cooperative medical service network, to provide convenient conditions for urban farmers in the city designated medical medical free cross between a demerit. At the end of November, the city has been raised in the new rural cooperative medical fund 97 million 686 thousand and 300 yuan, farmers continue to benefit.


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