This is the most beautiful country voted for JPMorgan Chase

April 2, 2017 0 Comments

‘s first "Xinhe Cup" 10 beautiful countryside contest P today ushered in the moment, 20 candidate Township and villages began to accept the masses voting.

‘s first "Xinhe Cup" 10 beautiful countryside contest since its launch in early April this year, to get the attention of the masses and the township and the relevant departments of the enthusiastic participation, a good response in the society, a group of beautiful countryside the unique charm of the show in front of us. Adhere to the principles of openness and fairness, through the township, the village, the community recommendation, by selection of activities leading group agreed, and seek the views of family planning, comprehensive management, safety supervision, discipline inspection and other related departments, identified 20 candidate beautiful village and township and town in the new China net Qinghai channel Datong, Xining evening news, television and other media publicity, welcome to the community to actively participate in the vote. In this paper, the network selection activities can choose two ways to vote, paper ballots from the Xining Evening News Edition A15 copy, but must be with the original vote the same size, you can also download the Word file format to print from the ballot Qinghai channel; Internet voting in the Qinghai channel on voting Vote as of June 12th. (author: Zhang Wang Zhizhong)

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