Xining City District built a community of minors counseling Station

April 2, 2017 0 Comments

recently, Xining City Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly Nanchuan Road office invested more than 50 yuan, in the long Thai communities set up the city’s first minors school psychological counseling studio.

this counseling center to the community service center as a platform, with a psychological therapeutic room, mind reading room, hypnotic room, emotional catharsis room, hire a permanent professional counselors 2. Take professional counselors counseling Station + volunteer service mode, by opening up service hotline (6271526) and other ways to expand the training to carry out mental and psychological lectures, for the region of minors to provide free counseling and mental health education, training, evaluation and counseling, psychological crisis intervention services. Psychological counseling experts also regularly go deep into the community, schools to carry out lectures on mental health knowledge, the organization of physical and mental health of minors to investigate and publish mental health early warning reports. Since the trial run of the counseling center, it has held a number of lectures on mental health, which has benefited more than 100 minors. (author: Su Jianping Zhang Yongzhi)

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