Xining City Federation of industry and commerce to support private enterprises

March 30, 2017 0 Comments

Reporter recently learned from the Xining Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, the first half of 2012 will sum up the work of the first half of this year, the City Federation of industry and Commerce in the correct leadership of the municipal government as a positive, to support private enterprises in our city, the healthy and orderly development.

since the start of the year, the City Federation of industry and commerce to optimize the development environment of private economy and other issues, in-depth Xining chamber of Commerce and the grass-roots enterprises, earnestly carry out research, drafting the "report" report of the development of private economy in Xining 2011, the municipal government leadership attention. In order to make our city more private entrepreneurs can grasp the direction of economic operation, City Federation of industry and commerce also invited the provincial development and Reform Commission of experts, on the operation of the province’s economic situation and key projects of lectures, and successfully held the first overseas private entrepreneur training courses, accumulated valuable experience for the further deepening and expanding overseas training. In early June, the City Federation of industry and commerce also organized a visit to the city’s private enterprises to exchange experience with the introduction of new environmentally friendly wall materials, both to promote the new energy-saving materials, but also to the participants of the enterprise responsible for the growth of knowledge. The City Federation of industry and Commerce and the provincial and municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau and other units jointly organized the private enterprise recruitment Week activities for college graduates and various types of personnel to build a platform for employment. (author: 1)


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