Xining City the Department of supervision and supervision of the implementation of illegal punishme

March 30, 2017 0 Comments

To further change the functions of supervision and law enforcement, and continuously improve the ability and level of the basic law, Xining Municipal Health Bureau health authority where the previous law enforcement work, on the day before the establishment and began to implement the health supervision and law enforcement system of interviews.

it is understood that the city health supervision system of law enforcement in the implementation of interviews content is based on the health laws and regulations, supervision and inspection of food hygiene, cosmetics, public places, occupation, radiation, schools, medical institutions, units and the parties concerned are clear violations of the law to make administrative punishment cases, may cause greater social impact and host health supervision staff that need to interview the case. Law enforcement officers offer Party interview, the "notice" to the party to be served before the interview, inform the interviews of the time and place, the required data, interviews to form signed records and issued a "health supervision opinion", after the interview in accordance with the rectification period and requirements for review, the rectification in place or eliminate the bad effects. According to the law leniently or exempt from punishment, refuses to rectification, the rectification is not in place, severely punished according to law, does not comply with the "notice" requirements for interviews, the implementation of administrative punishment according to law.

believes that the interview system can change the existing law enforcement of "punishment" phenomenon, but also can eliminate the parties to the administrative punishment of resentment, help to create a favorable environment for health supervision and law enforcement. (author: Cara)


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