Xining city window units service standards have a Yinggang gang

March 29, 2017 0 Comments

in order to strengthen the construction of Xining City e-government system, optimize the public service safeguard function, improve administrative efficiency, improve service quality, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection recently formulated the "opinions" about carrying out the standardization work in the service window units, to carry out service standardization construction work in the city window unit.

views the implementation of work responsibilities, work requirements and fulfill the Shouwenfuze system, disposable inform system, time limit system and service promise system to meet the requirements of the masses service needs and business characteristics of the standard. Public service standards include open basis, open content, open range, open forms, open procedures, open time, public responsibility and public scrutiny of transparent power operation, convenient masses and supervision standards; service management standards including attendance, job responsibilities, business learning and training management, assessment, security and logistical support organization operation management matters standards; service supervision standards include post power restriction, honest and norms, legal responsibility, daily supervision and inspection, complaint channels, complaints reply, accountability and strengthen the supervision of service standards; to create a standard including the creation of service brand extension and optimize service processes, service, service brand the promotion of the standard.

from the beginning of August, Xining City, all localities and departments and units will be open to the quality of service standards, service standards, service standards, service standards, supervision and management services to create a standard as the main content, combined with the actual development of service standards, service standards framework. Through the development of service standards, the development of standards for publicity and training, organizations to promote the implementation of standards, to carry out the standard inspection and evaluation, the establishment of standardized service brand, promote the city’s window service standardization. Service standardization construction work will serve as a focus to correct damage the interests of the masses unwholesome tendencies work, with the rectification of special treatment, wind construction, solve the demands of the masses, closely investigating disputes and democratic appraisal work, promote the continuous improvement of departments and industry style.


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