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friends of the general public:

today, when you enjoy the fruits of civilization of Xining’s economic and social development, when you revel in the Xining blue sky, clear Huangshui, you know the land of our upbringing, is facing a severe test, environmental air pollution, water quality has not been reversed…… Drink clean water, breathe fresh air, living in a healthy environment, is the fundamental needs of the general public, but also the persistent pursuit of the municipal government.

2014 Spring Festival is coming, as a positive response to the central call on austerity, against waste and the construction of "beautiful China", further guide the public to establish civilization, a peaceful civilization, low-carbon thrifty Spring Festival, issued the following initiatives to the general public:

carry forward the outstanding traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, thrift and saving the spring festival. Thrift is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, we must firmly establish the concept of conservation glorious, shameful waste, adhere to hard work, start from electricity and water, grain, oil and other daily life trivial, live, rational consumption, not blindly. Positive changes in consumption concept, get rid of extravagance and waste, not pomp than lavish party, do not leftovers leftovers, do not have the luxury of shopping, advocating green, healthy and rational pay New Year’s call pay New Year’s call network, convey emotion, consciously resist the vulgar, vulgar festive way, Pu Pu real celebration.

set up the concept of ecological civilization of energy saving and environmental protection. Start from the little things around, so that the ecological civilization for the traditional festival of color, so that the main theme of green harmony to become the new year, to establish a low-carbon life, healthy living, green life philosophy. Choose green travel, fewer private cars, more by bus; refuse excessive packaging of goods, with little or no plastic bags; to promote garbage classification, not do not throw garbage incineration; in the use of household appliances, home lighting, water and gas, recycled, diet and other aspects to change the traditional energy conservation; the consumption habits and consumption patterns, to abandon the "face consumption, luxury consumption, reduce carbon emissions in the life, to become a pioneer of low-carbon life, let the blue sky the festival of Xining dress more beautiful.

practice harmony and good moral habits, civilized and polite spring festival. Consciously safeguard social morality, family virtue and personal character, so that the old love filial piety, family harmony, neighborhood unity, enhance social harmony. Volunteer service activities and actively carry out the lives of the poor, caring for the weak, the initiative to help widows, around Empty Nester left behind children and other vulnerable groups, so that they have a warm holiday full of love. Civilized sacrifice, not burned in the streets and green offerings. Civilized hospitality, not drinking, gambling, and actively carry out a variety of cultural activities. Safety holiday, pay attention to fire prevention, explosion protection, less or no fireworks, together to create a good atmosphere of peace and harmony.

starts from me, starts from the side, starts from bit by bit. We believe that, under the efforts of every citizen, we will be able to live a civilized, healthy and happy life;

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