This 12 when the highway is no longer issuing

March 27, 2017 0 Comments

The Ministry of transport in October 3rd to the National Day holiday toll free policy to deal with the late peak return relevant work issued an emergency notice, decided since October 4th at 12 noon, take no longer issuing measures the free policy in accordance with the following seven minibuses and, direct lift lever release.

Transportation Ministry spokesman He Jianzhong said here, this is an emergency notice for the national holiday network operation and the problems reflected by, the purpose is to better cope with the coming of the peak passenger flow return. The notice requires all transportation departments should promptly notify the charge management unit to implement.

stressed that the Ministry of transport, in order to avoid the traffic accident caused by traffic congestion, all localities should continue to strengthen cooperation with the police departments of communication, coordination of the traffic police department in easy traffic congestion in the city surrounding the main highway toll station and the toll station extra police strengthen traffic order and control, regulate vehicle driving behavior, prevent the vehicle occupied for a long time, frequently change lanes, overtaking the illegal occupation of emergency parking and other traffic violation behavior. Once the traffic accident, with the police departments to timely rescue the wounded, quickly clean up roadblocks, traffic accidents will impact on traffic to minimize, reduce and avoid long time, large area congestion events.


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