The province will cancel the medical insurance designated medical institutions qualification matters

March 25, 2017 0 Comments

recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "access evaluation of basic medical insurance designated medical institutions in Qinghai province (Trial)" way, in the future, the province will cancel the Medicare designated medical institutions qualification matters, change the administrative management mode, and strive to create an open and transparent market environment, and encourage medical institutions to guide the various types of ownership, level and categories of equity participation in the competition.

to conscientiously implement the State Council "on the cancellation of the first 62 central designated places the implementation of administrative approval decision", "on the integration of urban and rural residents in the basic medical insurance system of opinions" spirit, human resources and social security administrative departments in our province will focus from access to supervision, strengthen supervision during and after the event. Through service agencies and medical institutions agreement clearly the rights and obligations of both parties.

"measures" clearly, I, who have access conditions, various medical institutions established according to law and the army medical institutions and the monomer and the chain of retail pharmacies, can according to the declaration procedures and requirements, proposed fixed-point application to the local medical insurance. Admission assessment expert group health insurance agencies will be organized by the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, representatives of the insured and medical institutions, representatives of industry associations and other relevant departments of discipline inspection, carry out on-site assessment, based on the results of the assessment to determine the mechanism of medical access, to social publicity, the agency signed service agreement.

in the future, the province’s human resources and social security departments will further strengthen the supervision of designated medical institutions, the establishment of exit mechanism, strengthen the management of the agreement, the implementation of the elimination system. Innovative forms of regulation, regulatory measures for the investigation, to broaden the channels, the insured by the third party take satisfaction evaluation, employ social supervisors, establish a complaint, mobilize community participation in supervision, standardize the medical service behavior of medical institutions, improve the service quality of insurance for the masses to provide more convenient, efficient and high-quality health care services.

at present, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security is actively supervise and guide the province, city (state) medical insurance agencies as soon as possible to establish a designated medical institutions access assessment expert library, according to the way organization work.


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