Three key six tasks of comprehensive health care reform in our province in the deep water waves

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2016 is the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" plan at the beginning of the year, our province is to further promote the comprehensive reform pilot of the key to the comprehensive, in-depth study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, adhere to the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, accurate grasp of the provincial government on the province’s major decisions and plans of comprehensive health care reform objectives and requirements, to create a strong atmosphere of public opinion for the province’s comprehensive reform smoothly this Guozihao reform in an orderly way, from now on, the newspaper will open "comprehensive health care reform to tackle the" column, launched the Province’s comprehensive medical reform series pilot work report. Please pay attention.

this is my province to further promote the comprehensive reform crucial year, our province is determined from three priorities, six specific tasks, from the fine from the real, gradually break the difficult and expensive, the doctor away "chronic illness, waves in the deep water. This is the reporter learned from the provincial health care reform in May 11th.

this year, the province’s health care reform will focus on building a moderately prosperous society and promoting the health of Qinghai construction, promote health, health care medicine, three doctors linkage, highlight and deepen reform of public hospitals, improve the diagnosis and classification system, strengthen the reform of the medical insurance payment of three key, push the comprehensive reform work for new progress in new achievements.

The main task of

, one is to strengthen the county public hospital comprehensive reform, continue to deepen the comprehensive reform of the state public hospital, carry out a comprehensive reform of the provincial public hospital, accelerate public hospital comprehensive reform (Tibetan). Two is to optimize the classification treatment system to achieve full coverage of conjoined form, promote the integration of rural medical service management full coverage; the implementation of key departments and fixed-point operation precise helping helping practitioners, doctor training, training, training to rural three county medical personnel; Center Hospital (Community Health Service Center) opened the remote consultation system and the conditions of the other township hospitals; the introduction of specific measures to stabilize the grassroots medical institutions personnel, to further strengthen the construction of basic medical and health institutions to improve the standardization; general practitioner contract service work. The three is to enhance the level of national health insurance, to achieve at the provincial level; comprehensively promote the commercial insurance agency orgnaization of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance services, commissioned by commercial insurance institutions to carry out the medical insurance cost of remote provinces immediate settlement business pilot. Four is to further optimize and improve the medicines and supplies of provincial centralized procurement mechanism, the implementation of the basic medical insurance drug payment standard dynamic adjustment mechanism; carry out drug delivery pilot postal outlets in remote rural areas, the drug delivery rate reached more than 97%. Five is to accelerate the construction of health information, the medical service, public health, population dynamic monitoring, health care, medical assistance, drug strokes to realize data exchange and information sharing; actively implement the "Internet plus medical service", to promote the appointment, remote check (Zi) inquiry, consultation and settlement services. The six is to carry out the "13th Five-Year" seminar on health care reform plan, preparation of our province "13th Five-Year" health care reform plan. (


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