To achieve sustained and steady growth in income

March 21, 2017 0 Comments

this year, after continued efforts of trade union organizations at all levels in our city, through the implementation of collective bargaining, the wage income of workers to achieve sustained and steady growth, effect of collective wage negotiation in the enterprise and the staff is constantly expanding, the collective wage consultation makes enterprise more harmonious and stable labor relations.
it is reported that this year, the non-public enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city, the majority, district and county business service industry is relatively developed, trade unions have yet to achieve full coverage of the actual implementation of the strategy, the Municipal Federation of trade unions take regional and industrial enterprises, the collective wage negotiation of three levels and three form step by step. First in the various industrial parks and towns, street level regional wage collective consultation, the signing of a regional wage collective contract. Secondly, in a wide range of economic organizations, the distribution of industrial enterprises in the same industry, industrial parks, towns, streets in the region to carry out collective wage negotiations, signed a collective wage contract industry. Again, in different regions and different industries to carry out a comprehensive regional and industrial collective wage negotiations, the signing of regional and industrial collective wage contract, all enterprises in various regions according to their own actual, signed a contract for collective wage.
the collective wage negotiation is a basic form of adjustment of wage distribution system under the condition of market economy, but also an important means to promote the harmonious development of enterprises and employees to solve the most direct and most concern and realistic interest problems. Union official told reporters, this work is to safeguard the core interests of the masses of workers in the right to speak on the wage distribution, through both enterprises and trade unions represent the workers on an equal footing, the wage income of workers at a reasonable level, but also to maintain a reasonable growth.


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