Small holiday in the province’s consumer goods market brisk sales grew 18 6%

March 21, 2017 0 Comments

"51", the competent departments of Commerce in consideration of local consumer characteristics, cultural customs, organization of circulation enterprises to actively carry out activities to promote consumption, the province’s consumer Promotion Month activities to a climax, adequate supply of the commodity market, sales growth and stability. According to the Xining 14 focus on monitoring business enterprise statistics, a total of 3 days to achieve sales of $109 million 554 thousand, an increase of 18.6%.

3 days small holiday, the major commercial enterprises seize the opportunity to carry out various promotional activities, a strong impetus to the sale of goods. Wangfujing department store opened by the west 2 anniversary anniversary held discount, profit, draw points and other promotional activities, promote general merchandise sales, 3 days to achieve sales of 32 million 340 thousand yuan, an increase of 80.4%; West Street department store launched the "5 holiday, Thanksgiving mother" activities, through gifts, integral, discounts and other activities sales, an increase of 21.4%; electricity building to carry out the "home appliances huge benefits, peak profit" activities, preferential prices favored by consumers, sales grew 57%; Xinhua Department organized the first festival cosmetics sales, an increase of 47.6%. Other large business enterprises have also launched a series of promotional activities, promote the steady growth of sales, cross department sales growth of 9.1%, growth of 8%, in the summer department stores, 9.9% Huarun million Fang growth growth of 39.8%, Suning Appliance grew 19.3%.

Auto Show Marketing driven car consumption. The twelfth annual "51 international auto show", "Lake City car fair and challenge" activation of the holiday car city, South City Exhibition Center gathered thousands of show cars, more than and 60 car brands gathering area, indoor and outdoor exhibition area of over 60 thousand square meters, show a total of about 300000 people into the museum exhibition procurement. Regardless of the participating brands of vehicles, or preferential efforts are more than the previous exhibition sales of 7500 units, sales of $750 million.

addition, the mass consumption of food and beverage. During the May Day holiday, leisure, entertainment based consumer demand increased significantly. Suburban tour of the province, rural travel is very hot, driven by the farmhouse consumer market, hot pot restaurants, specialty restaurants sought after by consumers, the public dining showed steady growth trend, an increase of 12%.


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