Sanjiang source of the national park system deployment meeting held

March 21, 2017 0 Comments

5 6, the provincial government held a national park in Sanjiang pilot deployment of the system, arrangements for the recent focus of work. Provincial Standing Committee, reform office director Ma Shunqing attended and spoke.

Ma Shunqing pointed out that the source of the Sanjiang pilot national park system is a source of public services, both for the benefit and long-term interests of the Chinese nation’s great cause, is worthy of the name "Qinghai day name" project, must be in accordance with the requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping and the provincial government’s deployment, the pilot started, the implementation of good.

Ma Shunqing from the organization, project funding and the current work has been further refined. Put forward specific requirements for inspection, administration and system for preparation of transfer, financial security, office facilities, vehicles, publicity, target responsibility assessment and so on, clear the responsible units and the completion time. Requirements for the establishment of a provincial – state – County – station of the new management system, the National Park within the scope of the county to complete the reform of large sector. Stressed that the relevant departments should increase the intensity of the source of Sanjiang National Park pilot system to ensure the successful completion of the pilot task.

Ma Shunqing, Sanjiang source framework of the national park system has been formed, the system has opened the prelude to the pilot, must give the power of the province, in all wisdom, high efficiency, fast-paced work, relevant personnel must carry forward the "nail" spirit, gathering breath, implement the work to complete this a lofty historical mission.


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