Realization of air water transfer to increase precipitation in the Yellow River basin Milky way pro

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The pattern of water vapor source regions of Sanjiang using natural

, "the weather modification technology, part of the fall into the Yangtze River Basin Rainfall Interception in or induced to the the Yellow River River Basin, air water diversion, water resource change in the transformation between the two basins, with the increase of precipitation in the Yellow River basin." September 10th, ten academicians and some colleges and universities, research institutes, experts in Xining, the Milky way project demonstration.

"Tianhe project" is a scientific experiment project of the west section of the south to North Water Diversion Project, which was brought forward by Wang Guangqian, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of Qinghai University. The team found that in the atmospheric boundary layer to the troposphere range, there is a stable and orderly water vapor transport channel, known as the Milky way. The implementation of air water diversion through the watershed in the Yellow River and the Yangtze River Basin, water resource change in the transformation between the two basins, increased precipitation in the the Yellow River basin, effectively improve the situation of shortage of water resources in the Yellow River basin, realize resource allocation optimization and river water surface, solve the temporal and spatial distribution of water resources in our country are not problems. This new model of space based inter basin water transfer is known as the Milky way project".

Zhuang Guojing, chief engineer of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, said the water shortage has become a global problem, in the past 30 years, the Yellow River, Haihe River, Huaihe river basin runoff is a downward trend in the three. According to the United Nations World Water Development Report, in 2025, the north of China will face serious physical or water stress.

at present, national strategic planning of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project has been completed and water, to some extent alleviate the "thirst" situation in the North China Plain, and the water from the upper Yangtze River to the upper reaches of the Yellow River "project" is still in the demonstration phase, and the need to overcome many technical difficulties of water conveyance line.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

package for people academicians believe that the "Milky way project" to improve the situation of shortage of water resources in the Yellow River river basin water resources, explore the source of the the Yellow River River Basin, the source of economic and social protection of Sanjiang ecological security barrier and the the Yellow River river basin development plays an important role."

Wang Guangqian, "the goal in the near future for the Milky way project" in Sanjiang, Qilian Mountains, Kunlun Mountains, the source of three Tianhe engineering base respectively increase 2 billion 500 million, 200 million and 120 million cubic meters of precipitation, the long-term implementation of inter basin water transfer 5 billion cubic meters, ease of the Yellow River and part of the shortage of water resources in inland river.

"the Milky Way" project team members, Changjiang Scholars, Qinghai University Institute of water conservancy and electric power executive vice president Professor Wei Jiahua introduction, "the Milky Way" project team has launched a cloud monitoring satellite constellation and preliminary demonstration and implementation of the concept of ground system for water resources preliminary monitoring requirements completed the demand analysis and the satellite payload preliminary plan, carry out the rocket and missile research program of the implementation of artificial rainfall remote. In dari County, Qilian Mountains, Kunlun, established three "Milky Way" project ground control station.


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