Dorje Geltan stressed that research in Haidong using four forms to strengthen the responsibility to

March 21, 2017 0 Comments

4 month 26 days to 28 days, the provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Dorje Geltan deep in Minhe county and peace zone, Huzhu County, 16 towns, villages, parks and 7 farmers, grassroots research of honest government, comprehensive inspection strictly extends to the grassroots, stressed the need to grasp the use of "four forms" to strengthen the responsibility to act, from the strict control of the party.

outstanding hot day requirements, "four form" is a major innovation in comprehensive strictly, Party committees and discipline should jointly assume the use of "four forms" managing party political responsibility, the "four forms" to carry out the whole process of ideology, organization, discipline, work style construction, comprehensive use of criticism and education, organization and discipline, reflect the love off. To adhere to the pedagogical, saving lives approach, adhere to the discipline and rules in the very front, serious party political life, positive criticism and self – criticism, correct mistakes, solidarity comrades, with a good team. To give prominence to the daily management of strict supervision, in peacetime, to small, the biting ear pull sleeves, cop sweating as an important way of the trends and tendencies of problems early discovery, early reminder, early correction. To strengthen the responsibility to play, enhance the consciousness of the party, with the line, on the organization, highly responsible for the spirit of comrade, dare seriously, strict accountability, strict responsibility fully tighten the screws. To increase the intensity of accountability, accountability as an important starting point to promote the implementation of the responsibility, the responsibility for the poor, strict control of the party and the party, the responsibility of the person responsible for the serious investigation, accountability forced responsibility.


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