Jiangnan University launched the innovative entrepreneurship credit system

March 21, 2017 0 Comments

had most people talk about "harbor" and discoloration, now school entrepreneurship has become a national policy to allow selection. In the form of practice for college students to exercise their ability to innovate and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial experience in the campus to lay the foundation for entrepreneurship outside the campus.

the school to implement flexible educational system innovation credit, revision of school management system, students can be based on the standard system on the extension of 2 years for entrepreneurship. The establishment of innovative credit accumulation and conversion system, the introduction of "Jiangnan University innovation credit recognition method", students will carry out academic competitions, innovative experiments, patented and self employment situation for innovative credit conversion. Improve the innovation and entrepreneurship education curriculum system. For the whole school students to open the "innovative thinking", "entrepreneurship", "entrepreneurial process and practice" and other courses, the creation of innovative business courses credits. Deepening the reform of teaching methods of innovation and entrepreneurship. Efforts to promote the construction of excellent courses, improve the proportion of research courses teaching, stimulate students’ original innovation ability. Develop innovative entrepreneurship education and practice carrier, increase the intensity of open laboratory, to improve the students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program of undergraduates participating in coverage, organization innovation and entrepreneurship competition, to strengthen the students’ practical ability of innovation and entrepreneurship training.

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