Eastern problem zone rectification

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[since 2010 Xining started to create a national civilized city, east area to overcome the difficulties, input of manpower, material and financial resources, and actively improve the living environment, improve the quality of residents, change year after year. However, according to the national civilized city evaluation criteria, there are still many deficiencies chengdong. To this end, in March 1st, East District, together with the media to do the city to the area of Xining long distance bus station, bazaars, back alleys and other places unannounced visits, master first-hand information, identify problems, timely rectification. [


could satisfy the tunnel two-way by vendors for leave are difficult to There is not much left., side by side; Montreal leaves, wantonly trample the market out of order, mixed vehicle…… Although the Middle East in February, the city has done the city has two visits unannounced visits inspectors, but many areas of the jurisdiction of the health environment and civilization is still not satisfactory. The unannounced visits, every one, the city of East District Office staff are the first time to contact the main person in charge of the area, under the supervision of the notice, the deadline for rectification.

multi zone remediation

place a: under the strong Lane

March 1st at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a group of unannounced visits came to the middle of the rich and powerful lane, with the help of the residents under the help of the residents of the garbage bucket around the garbage shovel into the bucket with the two. Cleaners Li Zhanjie said that he and his colleagues at 6 every morning began to clean up a day to clean up the garbage bucket two times, because the demolition area is with large floating population, a total of nearly a thousand households, so a large amount of daily garbage. Health is good, we must rely on conscious, but there are always random throw, no way tube." A person surnamed Ma said, I hope everyone in the designated location can be good garbage.

location two: Xining coach station

residential area garbage, timely removal is the key. However, the bus station in Xining, the staff of the station in the face of the recent average daily traffic of 15 thousand passengers, but also very helpless. The reporter saw in the waiting hall, and some passengers dozing in a chair, some simply sit on the ground and the companion melon seeds, drink, the whole hall is out of order. Staff have time to clean, but they still have the task of checking, cleaning workers have been cleaning, but there are still a lot of people throw." Xining coach station east station Song Jing said. Reporters saw, regardless of the waiting hall or the parking lot, every 5 to 10 meters, there are trash cans, but it is very few people take the initiative to throw garbage. In stark contrast to the trash and garbage piles of empty ground.

location three: Binhe East Road

to the riverside road, do not let Jeeves serious wide street suffering from "obstruction": Lu Bei, a dozen sales "three shoes" most stalls occupy the sidewalk and road, pedestrians can only squeeze back and forth. The south, shelf car, barbecue, fruit, niangpi grocery line, the vehicle can not pass. Then go inside, the original stack of two cardboard playing cards to see a few men;

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