City Law Enforcement Bureau to celebrate the 89 anniversary of the founding of a colorful and effect

March 20, 2017 0 Comments

to commemorate the 89 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese, arouse their patriotic enthusiasm to promote the love of the party, "chuangxianzhengyou" activities, the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau of Party branch in the "71" and organized a series of rich and colorful activities to celebrate the 89 anniversary of its founding.

is a to send warmth to the countryside activities. In June 28th, the organization of Party branch Party members in Huangyuan county and Pingxiang Ma Wan village of 10 households linking point helping object of sympathy, sent condolences gold 3550 yuan, clothing 36, 50 kg of flour, so that poor people feel the warmth of the party. two is to carry out meaningful party day activities. "71" on the same day, the organization of Party branch 34 official members and 1 party and 4 Party activists visited the newly completed China Red Army xilujun Memorial, a vivid lectures to hard work, courage and dedication as the main content, the temperature and weight of all members of the party oath. Comrades party members have said they would remember the purpose of the party, to promote scientific development, promote social harmony, the practice of meritorious service of the masses, to realize the value of life. three is to carry out the party history, the spirit of the 17th Party Congress and the party constitution knowledge contest. Through competition, the majority of Party members to study the party’s glorious history, to deepen the understanding of the guidelines and policies of the party, to further strengthen the struggle for communism beliefs, enhanced fulfill the obligations of Party members, implement the consciousness and firmness of Scientific Outlook on Development. four is to actively participate in the municipal authorities "to celebrate the 71 clean government newspaper Zhanping". Making the "grasping clean government, promoting the" harmonious "urban management" and "unremittingly anti-corruption, corruption alarm bells ringing" as the theme of the panels 10, comprehensive, multi angle display management system construction of clean organs, learning "certain criteria honest" as well as the development of party loyalty education activities fruits and won the two prize. five is carried out as the flag thespians, Wei Jian Jian Wei for his "theme" day "activities. Eighth Jian Wei day period, Party members and activists to join the community to help residents clean up the floor of the hospital, green in the psoriasis and garbage dead, praised by community residents. At the same time, to carry out the construction of the day, the focus of promotional activities and urban management and the public face to face, I offer good advice for the construction of the proposed solicitation activities, further closer ties with the masses of flesh and blood. (Editor: Guo Zhongling)


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