Outer suburb of the old line of public transport C card can still brush the convenience of the peop

March 20, 2017 0 Comments

October, Xining to Kumbum Monastery city suburban bus line officially opened to facilitate the people travel. But recently, Xining citizens reflect Mr. Fang, some bus lines, do not let the use of the old bus IC card.


said that he had to take a bus from Xining to the outer suburbs of Kumbum Monastery city bus, brush the old IC card on the car, the driver let him coin, but also a time, the driver directly drove him out of the car. Mr. Fang was puzzled: "bus line in the end can not use the old IC card?"


, Xining to Kumbum Monastery bus line team captain Wang said, 3 yuan from Xining to Kumbum Monastery bus line throughout the adult coin, credit card 2.40 yuan, 0.5 yuan student card, the old card card every time offset two free ride. Old card can be used, if a passenger found that individual drivers do not allow the use of IC cards when the case, you can complain to the Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd., Huangzhong, telephone: 2232160.


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