More than a dozen community recycling shop recycling waste recycling shop opened into the community

March 20, 2017 0 Comments

  August 14th early in the morning, Liu Ping, who lives in the provincial capital of forest Lane carrying a few bottles of drinks, the door to the door of the new renewable resource recycling shop to sell waste. On the same day, the woods Lane community recycling shop and Chengbei district construction, Bridge Street, Yongxing Bei Xiang Yuan recycling shop, Delingha road recycling transfer station ten recycling site at the same time opening. These minimum area of 10 square meters of recycling shops, can provide convenience for the surrounding residents of 3000 households.

had previously been other waste collection door to collect these bottles, save much no place to put, had thrown into the trash. Now, save a few to get home to the store to sell back, convenient and environmentally friendly ah." Liu Ping counted the 5 dollars he had sold the bottle and said happily. According to the renewable resources recycling industry association secretary general Li Jinbao introduces, at present in Xining, Xining city renewable resources development limited liability company has been in the four district has set up 41 stores, unified unified staff clothing, unified price, unified management of renewable resources recycling chain, special waste paper, waste plastics, waste steel, non-ferrous metal and other items.

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, the recovery of renewable resources in Xining city is still using this problem in a simple sorting, rough machining, Xining city plans are based on the community recycling sites, distributed to the market as the core, to use for the purpose of processing, with renewable resources recycling network system of three-in-one formation point, gradually increase the recycling center processing capacity. At present, Xining has built 4 recycling stations and a large collection of renewable resources market. According to the resources recycling industry association of Xining City, Xining City, the annual value of renewable resources utilization reached about one billion yuan, if the renewable resource recycling network system is increasingly perfect, can control the recycling link, then every year will create 1 billion yuan of economic benefits, promote the employment of more than 6000 people.


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