From April 30th to May 3rd Xining Railway Station to send passengers 81 thousand passengers

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51 small holiday, the number of passengers to send a large increase in the number of Railways in our province, due to free access to the highway, Xining expressway traffic around the big.

Railway: the implementation of the new regulations Qinghai no guide dogs by train

railway, Railway Corporation and China disabled federation released "disabled passengers carrying guide dogs stop traveling regulations" with visual impairments, passengers can carry the dog from May 1, 2015 onwards by train.

has a guide dog with the owner on the train with the new regulations, the Xining Railway Station is also based on the requirements of the new regulations, the division of the waiting area of the guide dog, to avoid the blind dog to other travelers. Although the Xining Railway Station and other train stations are ready to do the same, but may day three days holiday, there is no guide dog Qinghai train ride.

according to the expected number of Xining Railway Station, from April 30th to May 3rd, Xining Railway Station to send passengers 81 thousand passengers, more than last year sent more than 42 thousand and 300 passengers, passenger traffic increased by 50%. Such a high growth rate from the first passenger, high-speed rail, high-speed rail 51 small holiday to send visitors 13 thousand passengers; second is the Xining Railway Station normal speed trains increase over the same period last year, in the Xining West Railway Station, the train number is 26, this year 51 small holiday plus Linke, Xining Railway Station P-speed train number reached 44 on the increase, in 18, sending passengers 39 thousand increase in the number of passengers.

highway: emergency Lane occupied to extend congestion time

51 small holiday highway toll free, past traffic larger. The morning of May 1st is the peak travel, Xining to Guide expressway, West Huang highway and other traffic is large, but there is no traffic congestion, slow traffic.

first day of holiday, get out of the taxi Master Li, the memory is on the highway was blocked for two hours, "thought in the May Day holiday Dora some money, can not think of pulling a passenger at the airport, from the airport to return two hours stuck in high speed." She said, "when the emergency lane was a full, the traffic police would go."

Master Li said yes, the morning of May 1st 10, Ping An to rhyme ieguchi high-speed road vehicle rear end accident occurred, many vehicles stuck unable to move at high speed on the road. We have high-speed traffic police can quickly rushed to the scene to deal with the accident, but as part of the vehicle driver occupied, blocking emergency lane, causing the growth of time congestion. Coupled with the day traffic, congestion continued from 10 to 13 points." Qinghai high-speed traffic police detachment police officer Li Guoqiang said.

May 3rd at four or five p.m., ushered in the peak return. Road traffic is large mainly focus on the Beijing Tibet Expressway Safety DOPA to rhyme ieguchi section, Sita highway, Xi Huang highway to Xining, Datong to Xining a road section.

Li Guoqiang police officers to remind the majority of drivers, one;

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