A city zalun Chinese traditional festival spirit

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of the Chinese nation in the long history of development, formed a broad and profound national culture, including the rich and colorful national festival – the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day, the Qixi Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival, etc.. These festivals and vicissitudes of life has passed, not only has a popular form of entertainment, rich and colorful folk culture, folk custom etiquette, but also contains the common people’s ideal and spiritual pursuit, embodies the Chinese national spirit and the ideological essence. The Chinese traditional festival contains the outstanding national spirit which is worth carrying forward. The main points are as follows:

love life, the pursuit of healthy human spirit. Between heaven and earth is expensive, with the people as the center, the human is the leading, the people pursue and the thing harmony, this is our country traditional culture humanist spirit and the keynote. In the year after year, cycle, from generation to generation of traditional festivals, people are always the main body of the festival. The main content of the festival is to meet the needs of the people, harmonious relationship between man and nature, show the talent, interpersonal communication. People in the festival, family reunion celebration, or exchange, or visit friends, men and women meet, or sacrifice to their ancestors and remember sages, or traveling together, for the full moon, or zunlaoaiyou, poverty alleviation…… In celebration and warm happiness, the pursuit of man and nature, the harmony between people. Man is the most valuable life, every traditional festival in China embodies the love of life, the pursuit of health. The mass sports activities almost every festival: Spring Festival, dragon and lion dance, stilts yangko dance; Tomb-sweeping Day, outing spring tour, swing kites; the Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Double Ninth Festival, climbing outdoor outing; Xiao Yong, archery competition shooting, etc.. There are many festivals in evil flooding blast and the pursuit of health, such as dust ceremony on New Year’s Eve, put dailiu willow Tomb-sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, drinking realgar suspension AI Po Yellow Wine, Pelosi cornel Festival and drink chrysanthemum wine. People enjoy the pleasure of the festival, in the "good luck", "healthy and happy" the good wishes, with one after another to write a song of life to.

The traditional virtues of filial piety, respect and

. The Chinese nation of their ancestors have always had an unusually strong feeling, "the book of Rites" said: "kiss the ancestors, so zunzu yoshimune." "Benevolence" and "filial piety" is the core of Chinese traditional morality, the basic content of filial piety is younger and thus, loving father and faithful son, extended to zunlaoaiyou etc.. For the feelings become an important root of Chinese civilization, every festival are devout to worship their ancestors, the ancestors on the expression of filial piety and miss. The Spring Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day, ghost festival, there is a ceremony to worship and content in the memorial and memorial, pregnant with the descendants of gratitude and sense of responsibility. The festival also embodies the respect to the elderly and children’s favorite, the Spring Festival for the elderly for elders to pay New Year’s call, can gift, festival banquet seating for the elderly is preferred, the blessing for the elders to toast; pray for life is an important part of the festival since 1989, has become the national legal festival for the elderly, caring for the elderly has become the new theme of the festival. Child;

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