2014 Xining ten news announced today

March 20, 2017 0 Comments

After a month of voting, the 2014 year of the Xining’s "top news" in the year of the people in the superposition of votes, in the people’s enthusiasm and hope of the intertwined, today announced the grand opening.

"summer tour of Xining" national famous brand;

decentralization reform bonus release;

ten years how the sky bluer and the water cleaner;

……The people’s livelihood news

is a new change to the 2014 annual Xining showcase new achievements in economic and social undertakings achieved and urban and rural people’s lives, to further strengthen the construction of peoples life of the city, the city of happiness and the confidence and determination to deepen reform to create atmosphere of public opinion. By the end of 2014, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department hosted the 2014 annual Xining city "Ten News contest fiery curtain, make a point of the market in 2014 the city’s work achievement.

in lasted more than a month of selection activities, the organizers always adhere to the "encourage the participation of the whole society, to create a harmonious atmosphere, the basic principles for the people the full right to speak". Through this new platform to fully demonstrate the municipal government concerned about the livelihood of the people, change;

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