Xiang Zhaolun stressed that the revitalization of traditional technology driven employment promotion

March 19, 2017 0 Comments

days ago, Vice Minister of culture Xiang Zhaolun in Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, visit the Ministry of culture stressed at the Shanghai Univer and other colleges and universities commissioned training trainees of folk artists, through training a batch of leading talent, improve ability, revitalize the traditional intangible cultural heritage inheritance process at the same time, improve employment, promoting poverty alleviation.

Gelsall (Golog) experimentation area after the establishment of cultural and ecological protection, the Ministry of culture by the Shanghai Univer and other four schools for the Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in our province training more than 180 folk artists.

visit, when students return home after the learned knowledge, very down to earth into his own creation, cultural tourism products Xiang Zhaolun to encourage them to develop more national characteristics, strengthen product and market docking, let a person to show a group of training and even lead a result.

Xiang Zhaolun on the next step of research and training work requirements. To encourage and support the research and training related projects to carry out academic research, provide more systematic support for academic research and training work; to give full play to the advantages of universities to encourage innovative forms of training, consolidate the training results in many aspects; support the university is located, the source of students set up workstations in the project, with the support of the local colleges and universities in the implementation of research training plan, set up a workstation based on many aspects, deepen cooperation and cooperation mechanism of sustainable, equality and mutual benefit.

during the visit, Xiang Zhaolun attended the Shanghai Univer in Guoluo traditional craft workstation set up ceremony and Huo Logue Sal’s Choir of the summer camp opening ceremony.


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