Xu Fushun Zhang collar check Xining conscription propaganda work

March 19, 2017 0 Comments

November 3rd morning, the Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Xu Fushun, the provincial military commander Zhang Shuling in the provincial military region deputy commander Angwang suonan, chief of staff Li Songshan and provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial government office, the provincial education department, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial public security department and other military accompanied by responsible comrades, to Jiefang Road Community University of nationalities in Qinghai and the city of Xining City District, inspect and guide the work of publicity winter conscription registration.

in Qinghai National University, Xu Fushun and Zhang Shuling examined the conscription registration publicity and consultation, conscription propaganda billboards, posters, issuing brochures and campus broadcast special programs such as conscription propaganda, and the scene asked the enrollment of the students, the patience to answer everyone’s questions. In the Jiefang Road city community publicity District of Xining City, Xu Fushun and Zhang Shuling listened to the staff of the conscription work this year the new changes of the introduction, introduced draft policies and regulations and knowledge to the youth conscription registration.

held in Qinghai National University of the "winter conscription policy propaganda and mobilization of the General Assembly", Xu Fushun pointed out that local governments and the military organs at all levels to further increase the recruitment propaganda, the depth and breadth and intensity, clarifying the law military service is the honorable duty of citizens must perform military service work is clear, support all units must bear the mission responsibilities of various preferential policies to clear the school-age youth military service, and effectively improve the whole society to the recruitment of attention and awareness of the relevant policies and regulations, and create a strong atmosphere of public opinion.

Xu Fushun’s message to young students, the training camp was a university, is a melting pot of a cast of heroes, is a big stage to display their talent, military history is a rare treasure. Young people and college students to join the army in the policy of preferential treatment, in the development of the future, in the economy does not suffer, join the army promising, broad prospects. Join the army will be your choice without regrets, is your lifelong pride. I hope the majority of school-age young people especially college students to strengthen the awareness of national defense, the overall situation in mind, actively recruited, to the troops to beat temper and show his talents to the country where most needed to guard and dedication to the youth of peace, and make due contributions to practical action for the cause of national defense.

Zhang Shu at the meeting also made a passionate speech to mobilize. He said, eager to join the army to serve the motherland, not only is the obligation of every school-age youth, is a glorious selection camp to each aspiring young people to create a lot of the opportunity to display their talent, the development of the military modernization requires high degree of talent. The military authorities at all levels must strictly implement the State Council and the central military conscription orders and conscription conscription policies and regulations, good atmosphere, improve the quality of the troops, strictly enforce discipline, to ensure open and fair recruitment work. (author: Li Xin)

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