The second batch of public rental Yaohao distribution in the end of the month

March 19, 2017 0 Comments

In 2015 the first batch of pilot work of public rental publicity period has now ended, I have the qualification of the housing difficulties of low-income families are check-in, have xiqianxinju. At the same time, the second batch of allocation of public rental work is orderly, plan at the end of August for the public Yaohao allocation of more than 300 sets.

low-income housing allocation directly related to the vital interests of masses, broad social impact, seriously for the distribution of work, to ensure the distribution of fair, open and transparent, summed up the first batch of pilot work at the same time, the city real estate management department and the district government jointly, in batches of the district offices, Community Construction Bureau and related work staff of the public rental policy business training, and the current low-income housing to apply for work in the presence of doubtful and difficult problem to communicate with each other, so that the grass-roots staff on-site to answer, to fully grasp the policy, carry out work in accordance with the "standard score ranking, scoring results, unified unified unified" principle, to ensure that the scoring results justice. For the second batch of allocation of public rental work smoothly laid a good foundation.

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