Spring grass New Year’s Eve wish to the depths of the mountains to support education

March 19, 2017 0 Comments

New Year’s wish is always so simple and heavy.

Just let

see Jiangyang, he was ready to catch the last bus home. This winter is to let in Jiangyang last winter in Qinghai national university. In June this year, he will step out of the campus life on another stage.

on his back carrying a heavy bag, which was not he purchased a bag full of books but special purchases for the Spring Festival. Jiang Yang told reporters that this holiday is not their own task, he is going to do a good job of preparing for the teacher’s qualification examination. Mentioned that the teacher qualification certificate, Jiangyang come straight to the point: "I want to be a teacher after graduation." But his next words are very surprising: I want to go to a remote mountain village as a teacher."

in front of this young man in his early twenty and his peers have so different aspirations. In the gap of car, just let Jiangyang his mind vision and describe the teacher career. Dyanyana Jean said that over the past few years, he often saw the remote areas of the school did not have a teacher, the children in order to allow the teacher to stay or even cry for help, particularly uncomfortable. "I am also a child out of the mountains, to bring their own back to the mountains, nothing bad." Just let the eyes of Jiangyang with conviction and hope.

"my family is very supportive of me. It’s my greatest comfort." Dyanyana Jean said that last summer he spent a month in a rural primary school class, although the time is very short, but that experience has made him unforgettable. "When the first time I heard the students were shouting" good teacher ", is my spiritual baptism, only personal standing on the podium at that moment, I deeply feel the children to the teacher’s feelings and their vitality." Jiangyang that immersed in memories, lips a faint smile.

will drive, just let Jiangyang hurrying up the car. He carefully put the bag on the luggage rack, with this new year’s Eve wish, set foot on the way home, but also set foot on the road to do a teacher education.


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