Xining do not meet the requirements of the truck will refuse to issue a certificate

March 19, 2017 0 Comments

from this month, Xining city traffic police detachment will carry out special rectification of uncivilized traffic behavior exist large trucks and drivers, does not meet the requirements of large trucks to issuing inspection marks, in order to achieve the truck significantly reduce security risks, truck accident fell sharply.

it is reported that this special action focused on the investigation of heavy truck, trailer, engineering transport vehicle whether there is illegal modification, the existence of illegal installation of lighting, body reflective logo settings are not standardized, lateral part protective device installation is not standardized; the existence of tires, brake parts wear serious security risks; whether there should be no scrap scrap problems. At the same time, the heavy truck is not in accordance with the provisions of the lane, fatigue driving, illegal parking, super strong will, reverse driving, vehicle city road engineering, unlicensed deck, block defaced plate, red light, break the forbidden line, speeding, illegal U-turn and other serious traffic violations severely punished.

In addition

, DMV in April 10th before a key list of large trucks overdue inspection, overdue retirement, illegal or untreated, accident driver overdue inspection, scoring more than 6 points, with inaccurate information, inform the district traffic police brigade to carry out the investigation. Vehicle location registration and inspection certificate issued identification service, the trucks do not follow the paste reflective logo and rear mounted side protection device, dimensions, installation of ultra long and wide carriage board, unauthorized modification of carriage and brake components, tire wear and other serious problems, will be handling the registration formalities, issuing conformity inspection mark. (author: a)

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