Strengthen food safety supervision to ensure food safety

March 19, 2017 0 Comments

to ensure that the city’s food safety during the Spring Festival ", according to the municipal government and the provincial food and Drug Safety Coordination Committee, member of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Health Bureau, bureau of Commerce, food and drug administration, food and drug safety coordination Committee, conscientiously fulfill the food safety regulatory responsibilities. Take practical measures in the" Spring Festival "during the special supervision and inspection of the city’s food market.

Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out the strengthening of food regulation, to ensure the safety of the festival, law enforcement Month activities, to increase the focus on key areas, key industries, the focus of inspection efforts to increase the intensity of the case investigation. "The Spring Festival" period, the city’s industrial and commercial system of law enforcement officers were dispatched 3828 passengers, check the food business households 13101 times, and 9 unlicensed food, food production and sale of counterfeit goods destroyed 20 dens, seized 25589 bottles of counterfeit wines, cigarettes 2409, unqualified food and products 2800 kg, expired melatonin, honey, protein powder 75 boxes 1026, "three noes" of the food bag (box), mixed with chemical agents blocking site destruction of poisonous bean products 1600 kilograms, worth 656 thousand and 700 yuan.

City Business Bureau to take effective measures to strengthen supervision and inspection, improve the safety management measures, market investigation (shop), hotel security risks, wholesale markets, markets and other crowded places of business, and strictly regulate the sales promotion acts, retail enterprises shall organize the grain, oil, meat, eggs and other provisions of the necessities of life limited limited promotional activities the special rectification work, and in accordance with the unified arrangements, to ensure the safety of pork and other food consumption. Survey the holiday market consumer demand in the key business circulation organization, accurately grasp the commodity supply and demand, price and consumption trends, according to the festival market consumption characteristics, and actively organize the festival market supply, increase the marketable varieties of goods, and to appropriately increase the turnover of goods in stock, to ensure that the "Spring Festival" food market supply.

Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of the city’s food production and processing enterprises conducted a special law enforcement inspection. Check the strict implementation of the purchase inspection and acceptance system and the purchase and sale accounting system, and make good food quality market access. Before the holiday, a total of more than 90 food processing enterprises. Carry out undocumented investigation, the 9 did not get food production license for food packaging enterprises issued a notice to stop production. According to the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision "on the organization to carry out all of the 28 categories of food and undocumented work notice" the unified arrangements, fully carried out 28 major categories of food without action to investigate, do not have to ensure food quality and safety of essential conditions for enterprises to continue production and sales.

agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau in the inspection of the law enforcement officers dispatched more than 460 passengers, vehicles 48 times, inspection of meat production, operating 538 households, through the inspection, the farmers market management and Quarantine of animals and animal products rate is above 95%, the supermarket management of animal products are holding quarantine certificates, and according to the requirements for the publicity, product segmentation and packaging affixed with quarantine marks; each slaughterhouses meets the basic requirements of animal epidemic prevention, quarantine inspectors strict quarantine clearance before slaughter, slaughter, slaughter,;

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