Province to 144 model to strengthen the supervision of agricultural and animal husbandry project sup

March 19, 2017 0 Comments

7 month 1 days, reporters from the national agricultural system to carry out the funds benefiting the agriculture outstanding issues special rectification work meeting was informed that the use of video, in recent years, our province is increasing year by year in agricultural project investment, a substantial increase in the size of the case, the "144" mode of regulation, increase the funds benefiting the agriculture supervision, strong support for the development of the plateau of modern ecological agriculture and animal husbandry.

on the same day, the Ministry of Agriculture held a video conference, aimed at strengthening the central policy of benefiting the agriculture implement, and resolutely remediation funds benefiting the agriculture in the management of violations of the law and discipline violations, to further improve the financial supervision mechanism, and earnestly safeguard the interests of farmers. At the meeting on behalf of the Qinghai Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry as a typical province of the province to speak.

in recent years, the province adhere to the problem oriented as the core, the four good points, so that the four to ensure that the "144" regulatory model. Focus on "development", good planning reserve, ensure measures; target "key", good project, ensure the project is not sick; on the "outstanding" problem, and implemented a good project, to ensure that no major risks; seize the "core" problem, good acceptance of the project, to ensure the benefit of. So that the project capital supervision work in the forefront of the provinces in the urban areas.

it is understood that this year, the province has been prepared in accordance with the Ministry of agriculture planning system to complete the 1 farming and animal husbandry and the establishment of the 25 sub rules. In order to ensure the safety of funds and projects, the implementation of the Province cadres, the background of the project, the time, the scale of construction, the implementation of conditions, development prospect and feasibility factors strengthen the forward-looking research, organize experts to fully demonstrate the research, to ensure that the declaration of the project in line with national requirements, eliminate the funds for the project to be flexible or by concealing the facts the phenomenon of the declaration.

at the same time, the province listed the project list, set limits, strict acceptance procedures, a clear acceptance discipline, for two consecutive years of the implementation of the capital construction projects carried out in recent years focused on cleaning up. And after the establishment of the project evaluation mechanism, commissioned by the third party on the implementation of various types of projects, construction efficiency and effectiveness of the evaluation, to provide a strong support for the implementation of a new round of projects.


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