How to develop a new hot pot restaurant

March 19, 2017 0 Comments

operating hot pot shop threshold is very low, almost no will not do. But you want to put a small Hot pot franchise business can be full of sound and colour is not simple, it contains a lot of knowledge. Even the shop Hot pot also need regular development of new cuisine, then open a small rotating Hot pot should be how to develop new food stores


How to develop new

A. attention to market demand trends

B. from the frontline staff to conduct market research

Direct contact with

management personnel to encourage staff to manager regularly feedback they collected from the guest information, and then combined with the management of the market trend and competitor, and discuss the chef dishes development, where managers plays a guest with the kitchen and contact information, collect and provide the proposed role. Of course, the development of specific dishes should be more respect for the views of the chef.

C. found new ideas through competitors

measures on how to develop new dishes Hot pot shops, shops survival creative decisions. So do pay attention to the competitors and product trends, and thus get improved restaurants, the development of new dishes inspired. Smart restaurant operators can not regularly to a rival restaurant, or through the investigation, analysis and judge the opponent on the customer, and learn from the lessons of the experience of others, the development of new products and dishes.

in such a particular era of creative innovation, complacency will be out of the market, operating small stores and so Hot pot. To the small shop to develop new Hot pot dishes, maintain long-term appeal to customers, maintain freshness forever, believe you Xiao Jian

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