Beijing 90 Zhang Hongrun adhere to the entrepreneurial success by Gregory

March 19, 2017 0 Comments

There are many

now Beijing youth, many 90 also joined the ranks of the North drift, and the success of 90 Beijing is not much, but Zhang Hongrun easily results from tens of thousands to millions, get rich results gratifying, what is his secret to success?

8 30, as a typical 90 entrepreneurs Yu Jiawen, Ma Jiajia was Lenovo chairman and President Yang Yuanqing has accused him of "Huyou bragging, false financing amount, excessive marketing, lack of credibility", "excessive marketing including hunger marketing, viral marketing and so on, the products, speculation, water flooding, and even the negative as eye-catching as means of spread is positive or negative energy, no energy".

now 90 entrepreneurs in innumerable, like Gavin, Ma Jiajia such as "pompous" faction, meet the eye everywhere.

for once media people Zhang Hongrun, it is like a dream.

the entire business process, Zhang Hongrun no publicity in the good, but more of a valuable tenacity.


explosion event marketing

2010, that was the traditional media in the spring, but as 90 Zhang Hongrun not complacent, resigned from the media work well groomed, he began to explore a new career new media marketing.


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