Open tea stores need to go through the formalities

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shop need to figure out their own shops do not need to go through formalities or what procedures are required. For example, open tea stores, you have to do a good job in this regard. Xiaobian finishing the relevant information, hoping to help more franchisees to help you easily get ready to start business as soon as possible.

, health permit application procedures. Investment in tea shops, we must first apply to the operator’s place of health supervision institutions (health and epidemic prevention station) for health permit application procedures. If you do not apply for this procedure, you can not apply for industrial and commercial business license. For health permits the following steps: 1, receive the application form and related materials; 2, according to the relevant requirements of the decoration and facilities; 3, required to submit relevant information; 4, make an appointment time, on-site audit audit; 5; 6, after passing the examination can apply for health permits.

two, business license application procedures. After a good health license, the franchisee can go to the trade and Industry Bureau for business license, and this is the opening of the tea shop must go through formalities. Handle the business license of the steps are: 1, fill in the individual industrial and commercial households to apply for a business registration form; 2, submit the application report, a copy of ID card and three photos (two pics, with a), proof of employment, family planning certificate, proof of the place, health permit copy.

three, apply for tax registration procedures. To apply for tax registration, you must first have a business license. Get a copy of the business license to the Local Taxation Bureau, you can complete the form, submitted for approval.

four, fire application procedures. Tea leaves to open the last procedure is to apply for fire. Proposed to join the search for a senior decoration company, provided by the fire protection design, shop renovation renderings and construction plans, submitted to the location of the fire department, the application of fire control procedures can be.

open tea shops need to do a good job in the preparation of what? Do you really think about the information you need to prepare? The above recommendations can be used as a reference, I hope you can get ready to get a good start, learn quickly.

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