Zhejiang Yinzhou youth bag Pioneer Park

March 19, 2017 0 Comments

now in order to actively promote the development of entrepreneurial activities, have to build their own a good social entrepreneurship environment and entrepreneurship platform, in order to promote the enthusiasm of the majority of entrepreneurs.

with "Internet plus free creative, where to go to idle away in seeking pleasure" landing, growth? 23 year old Zou Ji, graduated from the Ningbo Institute of technology, Zhejiang University, operating in the fast food restaurant, at present, with his creativity and passion into the vicinity of his alma mater, Yinzhou Dream Factory No. 7.

what entrepreneurs need to know

now, a day in the workshop a few number of young entrepreneurs to practice more guests are gathered to exchange ideas and customers online, share experiences. At the same time, the workshop has also set up a variety of public science and technology, the creation of a regular passenger college courses, mentor guidance activities, organizing the creation of customer sharing, theme weekend activities.

"Internet plus Zou Ji construction team, a free idle away in seeking pleasure" is the name of his college classmates, the other 3 people are in a hit off encounter guest workshop.

in entrepreneurial nursery hatch Zhang Li, is a student at Zhejiang Wanli University, is one of Ningbo Yinzhou Tutu culture Limited start-up members. She told this reporter revealed that young pioneer park to provide them with free office space, office tables and chairs, as well as computers, printers, copiers and other readily available, the only requirement is to clean up public health.

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