Youlemei xiangpiaopiao opened sales gratifying tips

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The successful case of

be too numerous to enumerate the marketing community, people familiar with the sale of combs for the monk, the toothpaste caliber a mm, inspired and so on marketing stories to contemporary entrepreneurs is not small, want to promote product sales, marketing innovation is the key.

take only one millimeter to expand export toothpaste story (not heard this story please Baidu), do the purpose is to allow customers to use faster, equivalent to increasing use, so the company earn more. It sounds very successful, but this is based on a Newton law as absolute as ideal smooth plane based on customer loyalty — the absolute, but in reality, which is such a good thing, in a bed for several years the couple can not guarantee each other loyalty, a tube of toothpaste have broken what entranced the charm of


many brands in the fight for the customer terminal, various means to do anything, like a street light ladies socks leather skirt, go to the more dangerous fall. So, if there is a brand of toothpaste so dry, it is equivalent to their own death to the whole, so the only value of this story is when the composition material.

now we think about a cup of tea industry, a big international in Youlemei xiangpiaopiao, Lipton, under the eyes of countless ghost toad Hodge, heard that in recent years, Mengniu and Yili to share, this industry is not inferior to Liangshan juyiting, a chair, a squatting underground, but also in the the next step is very lively.

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it never mind, like Yuanyang Hot pot, put the cup and then separated from the line, with two Straw, they drink at the same time, head together, very affectionate. Moreover, the liberation of the hands of humans from apes to humans. On this basis, the design of the couple cup can liberate more than one hand between lovers, used to promote the creation of people.

tea replaced couple cup packaging, peach peach + + coffee, chocolate, strawberry + wheat, are good collocation appearance, is a cup out of two tubes, recommended

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