Stationery store shopping guide need to have what sales skills

March 18, 2017 0 Comments

children’s learning is always the parents are very concerned about, want good learning, every aspect is very important, so is learning products, now parents of children’s learning very seriously, is also very concerned about the child’s learning activities, which promote the development of students’ activities in the market, some entrepreneurs to see such a situation open, choose their own stationery stores, then store shopping which requires sales skills?

stationery store shopping guide is a general idea, in order to allow customers to run away, the first to use low-cost stationery to attract customers to stay. In this way, it may promote the sale of low-priced products, but virtually increase the difficulty of high-end product sales. While still unaware of it, that is why the high price of stationery. In fact, is not the correct guide in the order so that customers feel the price is high, customers away.

stationery store series of products in general according to the different target positioning, high and low grade three. Excellent stationery store sales staff to introduce the order is high to medium to low introduction. First of all, the most expensive products, even if the customer does not buy the most expensive products, customers will feel that the introduction of the middle and low-end products will be relatively cheap, and ultimately choose to buy. According to low to high "additive" introduced, low-priced products can only make the products seem very expensive behind, a subtle change in the customer’s psychological account, encourage customers to abandon the purchase decision.

stationery store shopping guide staff, should be in the low – to – high order of the product, or high – to – low in the order of the introduction of the product, which is how to manage the customer psychological account directly reflected.

shop to do business, to succeed in business, need some good skills, even if it is a simple stationery shop, start stationery stores, to ensure their own store stationery sales success, the guide must be able to master the skills of small, so as to ensure the consumers to buy the product, to lay the foundation for the successful operation of the store!

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