Porridge shop to join the election small porridge immortal

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Taiwan is not only a collection of Chinese treasures in the food project is no worse. Take the porridge items. Small congee Xian, one of Taiwan’s famous food brands, she originated in Fujian Huian " ", beginning in the universe;; rural prevalence is a local delicacy. The liberation of the early universe " " craft and formula was a KMT veteran Zhou Shixiong to Taiwan, hit " in Kaohsiung; small porridge Xian " signs; and have developed a dish of porridge, meat, egg porridge and other dozens of series, hundreds of varieties, first in the island to warm sought after, then swept the Southeast Asian countries. The superb artistry, mellow taste, rich nutrition, rich cultural heritage by a wide range of investors and consumers, more than half a century has received rave reviews.

small porridge fairy join need to have conditions:

1, with certain investment strength and suitable operating sites;

2, with the brand first, the credibility of the first business mind and consciousness, with field strain capacity and competitive ability, and consciously safeguard the small fairy porridge brand image, brand effect may not damage the interests of consumers to borrow small congee xian.

3, abide by the rules and regulations of the management and the relevant laws and regulations.

4, a valid ID for joining procedures, establish the real tracking service to the headquarters of the archives.

5, with 2 inch 3 photos, for filing, issued by the "authorization" and "certificate".

6, must be in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters of the full use of small porridge immortal visual image packaging.

7, after the opening must be provided to the headquarters of its store color photos, store specific address, contact telephone number, operating conditions.

small porridge fairy join fee:

: total investment: 14 thousand and 800 yuan; great lady daughter of a humble family type type: 29 thousand and 800 yuan.

regional agent fee standard:

a, the provincial total agency costs 400 thousand yuan (including a great lady type equipment);

b, a municipality directly under the central government agency fees 300 thousand yuan (including a great lady type equipment);

c, the capital city of the agency fee of 150 thousand yuan (including a great lady type equipment);

d, city level agency fees (including the jurisdiction of counties and cities) 100 thousand >

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