The laundry dry cleaning franchise selected denai Fu

March 18, 2017 0 Comments

may be because people are busy now, similar to housekeeping, these brands are more popular in the market. Today, we do not say that other laundry business services. Now join the laundry business are becoming more and more popular, there are many small friends asked such a question, to join the laundry is how much profit? In recent years, the investment is welcome, for investors, has always been to profit as the ultimate goal. Join the laundry with a low cost, high profit, small investment risk and a series of advantages to become the first choice for the majority of investors. So how much profit to join the laundry? Below, the small shop to join you for the answer.

laundry dry cleaning franchise selected denai Fu  

in all industries, the dry cleaning industry with up to 70%-80% of high profits become the preferred darling of most franchisees. But many people mistakenly believe that: as long as I opened a laundry shop to join can not lose, but high profit is not equal to one hundred percent of the profits. We are talking about the profit margins of dry cleaners, are based on the normal operation of dry cleaners and provide quality services on the basis of.

laundry scale is different, the store area is also different. Now open the laundry to scale mainly have three kinds, large and medium-sized dry cleaners, dry cleaners and small dry cleaners, different types of laundry franchise investment is not the same, should be relatively dry cleaners profit is not the same. Profit is mainly related to the operation and selection of the brand.

laundry business in addition to the usual familiar clothing, there are some leather goods, car cushions, curtains, hotel hospitals, etc.. After the removal of some of the profits of clothing cleaning equipment spending, labor costs, etc. may earn about 3-4 yuan. All franchisees to join the laundry to enjoy a more perfect system, the line of preferential policies to the laundry to join user resource sharing, the healthy and convenient washing to the consumer, also to maximize the profit model, so that each franchisee can earn money.

here to make a small series of in-depth analysis of the profit margins to join the laundry project, I believe we have a preliminary understanding. What are you waiting for, do laundry shop, make money only one step!

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