On the tip of the tongue Banquet China banquet opened the veil

March 17, 2017 0 Comments

read the tongue on the China, people familiar with the daily diet, the mysterious "Banquet" readers is also full of curiosity? The following small for everyone to uncover the mystery of China "banquet".

2001, when he was president Jiang Zemin and his wife, Wang Yeping, attended the APEC summit of the leaders and spouses.

2010 in April 30th, when he was chairman of the Chinese President Hu Jintao held a grand banquet, welcome to attend the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony in Shanghai, World Expo.

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level more stringent restrictions

Chinese with translation, not sitting behind the table

Acting director Lu Peixin

"Beijing News" reporter inventory China of previous events held, President and wife jointly hosted a national VIP there. Following the 2001 APEC summit, China has held several major international events, such as the China Africa Forum Beijing summit in 2006, the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, Shanghai in 2010, and so on in the year of.

level more stringent limit this event, according to diplomatic sources, generally only a few dinner a couple of leaders and foreign ministers and other major entourage. China will provide translation for the guests. As can be seen from the public picture, the translation is sitting behind, not on the table.


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party leaders

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