Moonlight family financial management

March 17, 2017 0 Comments

has just entered the community for many graduates, saving has become a pressing matter of the moment, the moonlight clan life although free, but inevitably in haste when embarrassed, Yu moonlight family financial imminent.

Save: earned a two life is poor. A month forced out of 10% of the money in the bank, many people can not do. If your company is not good, the boss is going to cut spending, give you two options, the first is to dismiss you, compensation two months salary, second is your salary of one thousand yuan to nine hundred yuan, you can accept the plan? 99% of people can accept the second program. You give yourself a mandatory savings, sending money directly after the 10% of the money in the bank, do not take this step, you will never have money.

: money funds, stocks, bonds, real estate

How much money can start

how asset allocation: the first emergency money, 6 months to a year of living expenses. Savings bank, current, periodic, or money market funds. Second life insurance money, three to five years living expenses, fixed deposit, treasury bonds, commercial pension insurance. Should be guaranteed not to lose, will not be less. Third to ten years without money, money for five years, only the money can buy stocks, buy funds, real estate, or a partnership with a friend to open a business with what to do, this kind of investment, it must be money.


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