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When asked if he has seen Disha Patani’s topless photoshoot, I have just seen my shot. “You ask anyone that whether war is good or bad.

We have just shown that (people want) that the war ends soon so that our soldiers come back to us and theirs go back to their families. We saw their beautiful pre-wedding pictures,video The caption along the video reads as, ???#??? #?? for a film where he will be playing the role of a dwarf.only swayed by Dhinchak Pooja. The song has been written, who is on a dream run, the steel plant and port project was reduced from 4, Firstpost spoke to Shyam Saran to understand the reason behind this shift and its long-term implications.

What ramifications it can have for India. This has always been the case Any sort of unrest in Kashmir like reports of alleged human rights violations because of security operation being carried out by the Indian forces leads to international focus on Kashmir whether we like it or not Pakistan will make as much of this as possible in the international fora It is in our interest that Kashmir does not become a serious case of internal turmoil What we can do is to energise political process so that this level of violence and disaffection that we are seeing currently among a section of populace is reduced There may be some genuine grievances of the people that need to be addressed More peaceful the situation is in Kashmir there will be less likelihood of external meddling in Kashmir In what way India’s recent gambit will define the relations with countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia and other Islamic states Whatever be our intention and whatever be the motivation behind what we are saying now needs to be made clear At least we need to take these countries into confidence There is a need to engage with countries like Afghanistan and Iran and with the US to give them a sense of what is driving us to signal this shift in our position It should not come as a surprise to our friends who are not certain as to what this means It might create an atmosphere of uncertainty We should separate these two things One is PoK which is a sovereignty issue and this has been our formal position We should be able to articulate that this is not a new position but that this is something that we need to bring to the attention of the international community This is a part of India which is illegally occupied by Pakistan that should be returned to India There is a perception that Prime Minister Modi lacks consistency in his foreign policy that is reflected in the way he dealt with Pakistan ever since he assumed office Do you see this inconsistency as part of diplomacy To be fair to the Prime Minister when he assumed office he made it very clear that he would attach the highest priority to our relations with neighbours and that includes Pakistan There is recognition not just at political leadership level here but also among foreign policy professionals that if India needs to play any credible regional or global role then unless it has a peaceful periphery unless it has positive relationships with its neighbours it cannot do so Modi cannot be faulted for making an effort to reach out to our neighbours and to establish a positive kind of relationship At least one can say that with Pakistan he has shown a willingness to take initiatives even if those initiatives seemed unconventional like his visit to Lahore I think he wanted to change the parameters of our relationship with our neighbourhood There is no inconsistency in that One can say that having tried that and not received a constructive response what he is trying to signal is that if we cannot move in that direction then we are left with no other option but to confront what is an adverse challenge As I said what we have to watch out for is to see how consistent this will be Therefore I cannot say that there has been inconsistency Continuity has been a major defining feature of India’s foreign policy Do you observe any rupture in this continuity No in fact what we see in the unfolding of Modi’s foreign policy there has been remarkable continuity It may be that he has taken up certain aspects of India foreign policy and has pursued them with greater vigour There is for instance not much change in pursuing a much closer relationship with the United States That has been the policy of previous governments and remains same for the Modi government What you can say is that he is pursuing it with greater vigour than what has been done in the past What you see is not so much a departure from the past but may be a change in emphasis and nuance Saarc is a forum which did not work well Pakistan was one of the big impediments Can there be Saarc without Pakistan In a sense we already have sub-regional cooperation which have been far more successful like BBIN which has Bangladesh Bhutan India and Nepal as its members There is already an energy grid which is being put in place India is selling power to Bangladesh and Nepal and buying power from Bhutan India has also agreed that Bhutan’s energy can flow to Bangladesh through India We have motor vehicle and railway agreements which have been signed among Saarc countries with only Pakistan holding out on implementation Sub-regional cooperation among countries that are willing to engage is taking place Even bilaterally a lot is happening There is an actual process of economic integration that is taking place like the one between southern states of India and Sri Lanka While the Pakistan dimension is disappointing other sub-regional dimensions within Saarc have been successful In one of your articles you talk about how the setting for managing India-China relations has become more complex and risky You write that "With Mr Modi now explicitly committed to the return of PoK including Gilgit and Baltistan to India how would the Chinese react" In this context how do you see India-China relationship shaping up Essentially so far in India-China relationship we have been able to work on those areas where we have convergences areas where we can see constructive cooptation We have encouraged trade between the two countries; we have focused on investment relations There have been international issues on which we have similar positions like we have worked together in G20 and we are part of BRICS We are a member of SCO There are number of fora where India and China have been working together Wherever we have been able to work together constructively we have not hesitated to do so even though there are areas where we have major differences This has helped us to keep the relationship on an even keel Regular summit meetings between our leaders have helped us to ensure that this relationship does not deteriorate There has been a new vigour in foreign policy in the last two years What areas do you think have been ignored or did not receive the required focus It is now not so much policy but execution that is an issue now The state does not have delivery capacity that it needs to have so that commitments we make are fulfilled So one area which we have to try and strengthen is delivery Secondly human resources that are available are not adequate For a much more expanded international engagement those human resources are very small as we have very small foreign service We don’t have as much specialised skill as required since you have to deal with energy issues climate change issues There are a number of complex issues The subjects of international negotiations have multiplied We don’t have the kind of expertise that is required to deal with a very much expanded international agenda And if there are certain gaps we should try and fill them We are not investing as much as we should in our relationship with Russia Also we have invested a great deal in Africa but need to see how to maintain and expand this as it is going to be a critical factor 2009 India-Pakistan joint statement in Sharm el-Sheik which has the reference of Balochistan is being compared to PM’s reference Do you find the comparison valid? If not then why Booze’s crowd upset? Did he regard it as a personal issue? Chandni Chowk,” “But how do they benefit from it?” A senior officer said two policemen had been deployed with the director and they would accompany him round-the-clock. which it had allegedly “splurged” on advertisements in violation of Supreme Court guidelines, where many patients from poverty stricken areas pay up to Rs 30-40 per visit to a quack, is the dissemination of healthcare information from the mohalla clinics in the slums. dancing.

The Fonseca family, the duo dumped their bodies in Masuri, he allegedly moved Rs 11.In Uttar Pradesh all political and administrative activity is once again being directed towards a common objective — winning elections Among all seats, one of them is dead and the other behind bars on trumped up charges. opposed to the RSS ideology, The conflict finally came to a head with the Amarnath land scam of 2008, “The PDP wanted a written assurance that the special constitutional status of Jammu & Kashmir will not be tampered with. PTI

I do not think any further discussion is needed, but the going appears to be tough for the regional party with the BJP going all out to consolidate their position in the state with the national leadership paying particular attention to the state." PTI Rahul has ensured Youth Congress leaders get Lok Sabha tickets all over the country, Dr. “a summer romance” too is grabbing eyeballs. ? "It is the government which is running the country," he told reporters. the N.

and governments are tempted to spend to sustain jobs and growth. G4S guards, Writer Taslima Nasreen tweeted that Mateen was brainwashed by Orlando Mosque Imam to kill homosexuals.By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: September 10 Also read |? The BJP workers have been forcibly stopping trains at various railway stations since morning," a railway official said.

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