HUAWE employees can take how much money

March 16, 2017 0 Comments

it’s really a "weird" business. A few years ago, when HUAWEI first entered the world’s top 500, a senior executive in the early hours of the conference room, he said, to tell you the bad news, the company into the world’s top 500. No one has the sense of joy, but no one initiative what celebration.

2012, HUAWEI’s annual sales reached an astonishing 220 billion 200 million yuan – beyond Ericsson to become the world’s largest telecom equipment suppliers.

– this is a private enterprise Chinese best quality, no one.

if single from the data, HUAWEI was founded 25 years ago, from 6 employees to 150 thousand employees (of which more than 30 thousand foreign employees), started from RMB 20 thousand to 220 billion 200 million yuan in sales, as a no background, no resources, shortage of capital of private enterprises, HUAWEI will be the West many hundred years giants have cut down. It is seen as a "ghost of the East" by many international rivals".

should start to HUAWEI was observed. "But know, >

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