Song Dandan sarawut brokered son and daughter

March 16, 2017 0 Comments

hit variety show "in the mood" season second sister very favorite show, Song Dandan, the misfits, a "son" and "daughter", to the audience "mindless" self closing.


last week "in the mood" sister, Henry and Jin Chen "mindless" combination of adorable temperament by the users alike, and this week, in the "match little mother" Song Dandan, Henry and Jiang Yan are Yuanyang spectrum. The Henry will therefore get the nod to Jiang Yan launched the "love" offensive? The breaking up of "mindless" combination can also came back? Become suspense.

has been unhappy with Henry Song Dandan, under Henry weeks of effort, finally recognized by Song Dandan. And "mother-in-law see son-in-law, more and more pleasing to the eye, look more Henry more lovely Song Dandan, suddenly a thought, to this" son "rationing" daughter "Jiang Yan as his son".



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