One legged girl with the nternet a disabled entrepreneurial world

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China’s employment rate of the disabled has been low, the majority of people with disabilities can not get a secure job, living standards are difficult to improve. To support the employment of disabled people, pioneering work to help people with disabilities to explore the meaning of life, to find a new goal in life, to achieve their own value.

18 years ago in a car accident

18 years ago, in 1997 May 1st, in the Tang Dynasty and Yuan Zhen Linqing City, one lameiche Cao Yuchen will be involved in the vehicle, wake up from the hospital, at the age of 8, she never lost a leg.

During the

did not give the family money to

from the beginning of summer, Cao Yuchen wanted to return home to do remedial classes. It was her first venture". The first year of the more than and 20 children, from the first grade to the third grade have. "I row in accordance with the grade, a row of a row of classes, in front of the lecture, the back of the homework, behind the lectures, in front of the homework." Cao Yuchen’s unique teaching method won the local reputation, to the last year, received more than and 50 children.


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